Leading Cost-Effective Car Diagnostic Service in Fernley, NV.

We take pride in providing your vehicle with the best and top diagnostic and repair services. Our mechanics are highly experienced and they have the knowledge and expertise to assist you. Moreover, they can run a diagnostic test on your vehicle after the problem is detected, they will provide you with the proper solution. We understand that your time is precious and your money is important, and you should invest wisely. With this in mind, we give you our dedicated and trained mechanics that help you in resolving the issues of your commercial vehicles at affordable prices. We use OBD-II systems for the vehicle diagnostic tests, it offers valuable information.

How Does OBD-II Work?

This onboard computer system collects the necessary information from the network sensors that are inside of a vehicle. Which is then used to regulate the car’s system and to alert the user about the problems. By simply plugging into the OBD system, the technician can collect vehicle data and diagnose the issue.

We Provide You with Reliable and Prompt Roadside automobile repair services.

Our automobile services are specially designed for the customers who get stranded in their cars when they are in any sparse area, and for those who have a busy work schedule and cannot take their cars to the garage. With the help of just one call, our mechanic and technicians will be at your doorsteps. You can also contact them when you are stuck in an area where there is no mechanic or technician nearby. We also provide you with the dealer diagnostic software services, Diagnostic and service and inspections and diagnostic services. Our services are reliable and we permanently solve the issues related to your commercial or local vehicles. For more services and information you can contact us at our number.

Yes, it does increase the lifespan of your vehicle equipment. With the help of a diagnostic test, your car’s problems are identified at the early stages before it becomes severe. Once the problems are identified then it would become easy for the mechanics to provide it with a proper solution.

Running a car diagnostic test on your vehicle would be beneficial for you, as you can easily detect and identify the errors. It helps you in saving your money and time. On average, it takes about an hour and a half to run a diagnostic test on a vehicle. The time may vary, with different vehicles.

There are various automobile companies that are providing you with inspection and diagnostic services. Here, at lass 8 mobile repair we are using OBD-II software to identify the errors of your vehicle. This software helps us in detecting the errors of your vehicles.