Fabricators & Welding For Heavy Autos

Class 8 Mobile Repair is a leading company for designing and manufacturing for small, medium and large-sized truck bodies and others transportation industries. Our team is fully experienced in various types of commercial chassis. We know how to build and install a wide range of purpose-built truck bodies, resulting in a long-lasting vehicle that serves the use of many businesses.

Class 8 mobile repair company, provides people with the Truck, Semi-truck, 18-Wheeler, and Tractor repair and maintenance services to the different commercial and residential sectors. We take pride in offering you high-standard and reliable services at flat rates. Our highly trained technicians are dedicated enough to help you in fixing the issues of your tractor. From providing you with fleet maintenance services to fixing the dent and scratches of your tractor or other heavy trucks, our technicians cover you all, our consistency and promptness make us unique in the relevant industry.

Experienced Welders and Fabricators for Truck, Semi truck, Tractor

We are facilitating you with our finest, welding and fabricating services. For reliable fabrication, we are providing you with sustainable solutions. Whether you need a traditional fabrication technique or a modern fabrication technique, we have the expertise to cater to your needs. The techniques we use for fabrication include spot welding, laser welding, and laser brazing, and etc. If you are too busy with a cracked panel, a rust patch, or a big dent in the body of your 18-wheeler, then you shouldn’t waste your instead; get help from professional truck repair company. At class 8 mobile repair, we assure you that we have the solutions for your old as well as modern trucks.!

To melt and join the metal parts together of a truck is carried out by the process of laser welding. The heat energy produced by the laser helps in fixing the components of theTruck, Semi truck, 18 Wheeler, Tractor.

The most popular welding methods for automotive jobs include resistance (MIG) welding, plasma ARC welding (PAW) and (TIG) welding.

Although this option may work well for other welding repairs, you’ll be advised to avoid stick welders on auto body panels. There are reasons; It spits heavily, burns with thin sheets of metal, and it is difficult to get well-distributed welds.